Nyanchwa residents happy about move by government to upgrade estate road

Residents of Nyanchwa estate in Kisii town are celebrating the ongoing construction of a new estate road saying g it has eased movement even before the project completion.

Even though the construction of the Nyanchwa -Falcon road to bitumen standards is not complete, the residents said the ongoing works have greatly improved movement in the area that was in the past a hideout for criminals.

The road is the shortest link to the Central Business District (CBD) compared to the distance through the Stadium road.

A resident Innocent Omurwathanked the county government saying the area was a habitat to criminals who used to terrorise people staying and passing around the area.

Another resident Francis Moranga narrated that residents of Nyanchwa especially traders now access town center and Daraja Mbili market with ease thereby reducing transportation expenses.

“The place was bushy and impassable both day and night. I am happy that we now access the road without any fear,” said Moranga.

A trader Hendricus Otenyo Osoro of Omocha Enterprises said the road has been impassable owing to a deep trench in between Umoja building and Nyanchwa estate.

“I am surprised that pedestrians are using the road up to late in the evening. I thank the county government for working closely with the World Bank to realize this development.

Omocha said he will now develop a parcel of land purchased several years ago along the road where he has for years planted napier grass because no investor would invest near the area.

According to the project manager Eng. Haron Oyaro, the construction which was launched by Governor James Ongwae is expected to be completed in July this year.

Eng. Oyaro said the project is expected to radically transform the linkage between the CBD and Nyanchwa estate.

The road consists of seven meter carriageway to bitumen standards and two meter walkways on either side of the road.

“Nyanchwa estate is the most densely populated residential estate with an estimated population of over 35,000, majority of whom work in the CBD,” he said.

Eng. Oyaro disclosed that the road will form the shortest link to CBD, enhancing seamless movement of both pedestrians and motorists.

“Ultimately, the estate will gradually transform into a commercial hub with the link to the CBD,” he said.