Infrastructure, Energy and Public Works

Headed by Mr. Cyrus Nyasenge Nyabicha- CEC


The Infrastructure, Energy and Public Works Sector is headed by the County Executive Committee Member who oversees the day to day management and administrative activities. In order to execute its mandate, the Sector is organized into three (3) departments namely, Roads, Public Works,  and Transport.


The mandate of this sector is to provide and manage Engineering works and services within the jurisdiction of the County. These works and services include development and maintenance of infrastructure, maintenance of motor vehicles and heavy equipment, licensing of public motor vehicles and development control.


To be the leading provider of engineering works, goods and services within Kenya.


To provide quality engineering works, goods and services to enhance the development and maintenance of infrastructure within the jurisdiction of County.

Operational Values

In carrying out its mission, the Department is guided by the following core values in service delivery:-

  • Customer focus
  • Accountability
  • High quality service
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity and fairness
  • Professionalism

Contact us on:

Tel: +254 58 30005/30081

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