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Invest in Mining

Soapstone (Talc) is critical to the development of the mining industry in Kisii County. We currently have large deposits at Tabaka in South Mugirango. The product has many uses but currently only carvings are made out of it. The other uses of soapstone are as a component in the paint industries, paper, PVC, cosmetic, fertilizer and pharmaceutical.


Kisii County has two main mining potentials. The soapstone mining has enormous potential for development in the manufacture of tiles and chalk. Another mining potential is granite which is found in Bonchari, Bogiakumu area in the County. Granite is an important component for processing of tiles and therefore can be exported to factories in the Country that manufacture tiles. The small market for this mineral and its unorganized marketing channels are inhibiting its full exploitation.


To utilize the potential of this resource, the Kisii County Government intends to incorporate Tabaka Soapstone Development Authority that will take charge of soapstone activities in this area and bring order to the mining sector.