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Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The ideal climatic condition and the altitude of the hills within Kisii County offer an opportunity for sports tourism. Due to the high population density in the County, almost all land is put to maximum agricultural use almost displacing wild animals’.


Only a few wild animals like porcupines, monkeys, snakes and various species of birds live in the bushy river valleys. There are no registered game parks in the County but some geological sites such as Nyangweta Forest, Ritumbe Forest and Ibencho can offer good tourist sites.


The development of Hotel Industry to exploit the potential in the tourism sector within Kisii County will go a long way to put the County in the world market of tourist attraction areas. We intend to request Utalii College to put up a training institution that is a branch of Kenya Utalii College.


In a nutshell, we are putting in place plans and strategies in value addition through agro-based industries.

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