Under Constitution of Kenya 2010 National and County Governments are distinct but interdependent. The county government is composed of the Governor, County Executive Committee and County Assembly. The County Executive Committee is expected to supervise the administration and delivery of services to citizens as well as conceptualize and implement policies and county legislation. The County Assembly is a legislative organ and will play an oversight role on all County Public Institutions including the urban areas and cities.

Kisii County Government has been structured into 10 departments:-

  • Administration, Cooperate Services and Stakeholder Management
  • Finance and Economic Planning
  • Energy, Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  • Health Services
  • Education, Labour and Manpower Development
  • Roads, Public Works and Transport
  • Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development
  • Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Services

  Core functions of the Office of the Governor

  • Provide leadership in the County’s governance and development;
  • Represent the County in national and international fora and events;
  • Appointment of County Executive Committee members and County Chief Officers in accordance with Sections 35 and 45 respectively, of the County Governments Act, 2012;
  • Appointment of County Public Service Board;
  • Establishment of the County Executive Committee in accordance with Article 179(2)(b) of the Constitution;
  • Constitute the County Executive Committee portfolio structure;
  • Chair meetings of the County Executive Committee;
  • Assign responsibilities and functions to County Executive Committee members;
  • Provide leadership to the County Executive Committee and administration based on the County policies and plans;
  • Submit County plans and policies to the County Assembly for approval;
  • Consider, approve and assent to bills passed by the County Assembly;
  • Submit to the County Assembly an annual report on the implementation status of the County policies and plans;
  • Deliver annual State of the County address containing such matters as may be specified in County legislation;
  • Subject to the operational command structures set out in the National Police Service Act or any other national security legislation, chair the County equivalent of the national security council as provided for in Article 239 (5) of the Constitution;
  • Sign and cause to be published in the County Gazette, notice of all important formal decisions made by the governor or by the County Executive Committee;
  • Promote democracy, good governance, unity and cohesion within the County;
  • Promote the competitiveness of the County;
  • Perform such State functions within the County as the President may from time to time assign on the basis of mutual consultations;


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