Agriculture Sector

Agriculture Sector


The mandate of the Agriculture Sector is to promote and facilitate promotion of food and agricultural raw materials for food security and income, advance agro – based industries and agricultural exports; and enhance sustainable use of land resources as a basis for agricultural enterprises.


  1. Formulation, implementation and monitoring of agricultural legislations, regulations and policies.
  2. Provision of agricultural extension services
  3. Supporting agricultural research and promoting and promoting technology delivery.
  4. Facilitating and representing agricultural stakeholders and public-private partnerships in the county government.
  5. Development, implementation and coordination of programs in the agricultural sector.
  6. Regulating and quality control of inputs, produce and products from the agricultural sector.
  7. Management and control of pests and diseases in crops.
  8. Promoting management and conservation of the natural resource base for agriculture.
  9. Collecting, maintaining information on the agricultural sector.


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