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Trade Initiatives

Trade and Business Information Centre

Trade and business information centre will play the role of a one stop shop for trade and business opportunities in the County. It will house a branch of Export Promotion Council (EPC) and Kenya Investment Authority. Trade in Kisii is one of the growing sectors that require s support to grow further through value addition and exploit export opportunities especially to the Middle East and Dubai. Kisii County is the home to one of the largest open markets namely DarajaMbili market.


Market Development and Management

Development of modern markets is critical in harnessing the existing rural trade potential. Currently, the traders undertake their businesses in open places that are neither covered by shades nor provided with toilets and water. The Kisii County Government plans to support this project with investors to improve the business climate in the rural areas. We also intend to partner with the corporate world to improve kiosks within Kisii Town and at the Sub-County Headquarters.


24-Hour Economy

We plan to make Kisii Town a 24-Hour Economy through the provision of street lights initially at the Central Business District and later at the suburbs and towns within the sub-counties. We shall beef up security for those businesses that will extend hours of business.


The current situation in Kisii Town is not pleasing at all and therefore the need to re-look at the way we do and carry out our business. A number of investors have shown interest in partnering with us in the provision of street lighting.