Veterinary Sector


Prevent and control animal diseases and pests to safe guard human health, improve animal welfare, increase livestock productivity, ensure high quality livestock and their products and facilitate domestic and international trade.


  1. Formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of animal health related strategies, policies and legal framework.
  2. Management, control and eradication of animal diseases and pests including zoonoses in collaboration with other stakeholders.
  3. Laboratory diagnostic services and disease surveillance.
  4. Provision and facilitation of extension services in animal health, welfare and production.
  5. Development of veterinary farms, quarantine stations and other infrastructure.
  6. Development and coordination of projects and programmes in animal health sector.
  7. Information management for the animal health sector.
  8. Veterinary regulatory management and quality control of inputs, livestock, and livestock products and by products.
  9. Veterinary public health.
  10. Research agenda setting, research liaison and regional and international coordination in animal health.
  11. Management and conservation of animal resource base and biodiversity.
  12. Management control and impact assessment of animal diseases and pests on food security and livelihoods.


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