Fisheries Sector


The Department is mandated to provide for the exploration, exploitation, utilization, management development and conservation of fisheries resources and undertake research in marine and fresh water fisheries


The Department plays a key role within the overall structure of government. According to the Executive order No: 2/ 2013 issued in 20th May, 2013 on the organisation of the Government of the Republic of Kenya, the State Department has the following core functions;

The Department’s specific functions as informed by the above order are:

  1. Promote and  coordinate development of aquaculture
  2. Coordination of the preparation, review and implementation of fisheries policies, legislation and County specific Fisheries management plans
  3. Coordinate the management and development of inland fisheries.
  4. County fish seed bulking units
  5. Promotion of fish quality assurance, value addition and marketing
  6. Promote and strengthen fisheries extension services.
  7. Provision of extension services to the fisheries stakeholders in the value chain.
  8. Fisheries licensing.
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of fisheries projects and programmes.
  10. Management of fisheries related infrastructure(e.g cold chain facilities along the fish value chain, fish roads and fish landing receptors
  11. Enforcement of fisheries regulations and compliance
  12. Digitization and demarcation and development of maps for cage culture potential areas
  13. Recreational Fisheries
  14. On farm trials and Outreach - eat more fish campaigns
  15. Zonation for aquaculture County specific disease control

Departmental Downloads

Fisheries 2013 Annual Report

Fisheries Act Revised Edition 2012

National Aquaculture Strategy and Development Plan 2010 - 2015

National Aquaculture Policy November 2011

A Guide to Fish Farming in Kenya