Culture Sector


To build a vibrant and cohesive Kenya Society thriving on the cultural diversity through promotion revitalization and development of the country’s diverse for sustainable development.


Promoting preserving and presenting the people’s way of life.


  • Promotion and development of all aspects of performing arts, music acrobatics dances, traditional games through capacity building
  • Promotion of languages and traditional practices harmonious with national development aspirations
  • Promotion and development of visual arts/literary artist and their creative works through capacity building exhibitions, culture  exchange programs and other promotion strategies
  • Promotion and development of traditional medicine, indigenous foods preservation and conservation of environment in line with national development aspirations
  • Promotion of culture education documentation and dissemination of cultural information and research findings
  • Mobilization and management of human financial and other resources for national development.

Our Activities

  • Coordination and conduction of cultural festivals
  • Exhibition of herbal products
  • Registration of cultural practitioners
  • Formation of cultural associations
  • Capacity building of cultural groups
  • Establishment of language development committees
  • Establishment of traditional medical practitioners committees
  • Development and construction of cultural centers