Public Works Sector


The County Public Works department is headed by the County Public Works Officer. It has a total county workforce of 46 staff. The department responsible for:-

  1. Designing and supervising other departments’ works;
  2. Designing the structural works for buildings and footbridges;
  3. Designing and supervising electrical and Mechanical services for building works;
  4. Preparation of  Bills of Quantities for tendering process;
  5. Coordination and preparation of facilities for state functions and Presidential visits within the county.
  6. Maintaining a record of all the registered contractors in the County; and
  7. Keeping and maintaining inventory of Government property.

This department is composed of six sections, namely:- Administration, Architecture, Structures, Quantity Surveying, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (BS). Its functions have been devolved to Gucha, Nyamache, Masaba South, Nyamarambe, Kisii South and Sameta sub-counties (formerly District Works Offices).

The department has a design team that is composed of:- an Architect, a Quantity Surveyor, an Electrical/Mechanical Engineer and a Structural Engineer. This team undertakes the design of the works and also assists the sub-counties in works documentation and supervision where necessary.


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