Employment Listings

Shortlisted candidates for the position of Chair and Member Kisii County Public Service BoardKisii County Government05-16-2022
Vacancies in the departments of Agriculture, Water and AdministrationKisii County Government04-27-2022
County Public Service Board Chairperson and Member VacanciesKisii County Government04-27-2022
Shortlisted candidates for vacancies in administration and educationKisii County Government02-08-2022
Vacancies in Administration and EducationKisii County Government12-10-2021
Promotional Interviews for the position Director, Climate ChangeKisii County Government10-05-2021
Promotional Advert - Climate Change DirectorateKisii County Government09-17-2021
Interview Schedule for the Position of County Solicitor Kisii County Government09-09-2021
Internal Audit Vacancies Interview ScheduleKisii County Government06-05-2021
Vacancies in the directorate of Internal AuditKisii County Government04-28-2021
Shortlisted candidates for promotional interviews in the Department of HealthKisii County Government02-01-2021
Interview schedule for various positions in the department of HealthKisii County Government01-31-2021
Department of Health Job Vacancies Dec 2020Kisii County Government12-23-2020
Competitive Promotion Vacancies - Health ServicesKisii County Government12-03-2020
Interview schedule for various positions in Health and other departments Sep 2020-AddendumKisii County Government09-15-2020
Interview schedule for various positions in Health and other departments Sep 2020Kisii County Government09-08-2020
Shortlisted candidates for various posts advertised on May 2020Kisii County Government07-30-2020
Interview schedule - audit committee member, dep. dir. enforcement, dep. county comm. of cooperatives and sports assis.Kisii County Government07-05-2020
Health, Administration & Communication VacanciesKisii County Government06-15-2020
Online interview schedule UHC2Kisii County Government06-04-2020