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Invest in Kisii


Kisii County is one of the forty seven Counties of Kenya. It shares common borders with Nyamira County to the north east, Narok County to the south and Homabay and Migori Counties to the west. The County lies between latitude 00 30’ and 100 south and longitude 340 38’ and 350 East. It covers an area of 1,302km2   a population of 1,152,282 people as per the 2009 census. Politically, the County is organized into 9 constituencies namely: Bobasi, Bonchari, Bomachoge Chache, Bomachoge Borabu, Kitutu Chache North, Kitutu Chache South, Nyaribari Chache, Nyaribari Masaba, and South Mugirango.

The most notable features in the County include: hills, Sameta (1970m), Nyamasibi (2,170m), Kiong’anyo (1,710m), Kiamwasi (1,785m), Kiongongi, Kiombeta, Sombogo, Nyanchwa and Kegochi hills.  The general slope of the land is from east to west. The County is traversed by permanent rivers which flow westwards into Lake Victoria. Among the notable ones are Kuja, Mogusii, and Riana and Iyabe rivers. There are also depressions and valleys.

The County exhibits a highland equatorial climate resulting into a bimodal rainfall pattern with average annual rainfall of 1,500mm. The long rains are between March and June while the short rains are received from September to November. 

The favourable climatic conditions in the Kisii County ensure that there is abundance of agricultural raw materials that will support agro-based industries through value addition.

Besides, the County is endowed with quality and large deposits of soapstone (Talc) that is currently used to make carvings but which has potential to be processed further as a critical component in the manufacture of paper, paint, plastic, cosmetics, rubber and pharmaceutical industries among other industrial uses.


 Several opportunities exist in Kisii County due to its diversified economy and private sector development within the County. The sectors that are potential for investment include: