Directorate of Mechanical Engineering


The core functions of the directorate are:-

  • Provision of road construction and maintenance of equipment.
  • Provision of Transport services.
  • Advise on procurement and disposal of vehicles and equipment.
  • Inspection and identification of private garages suitable for repairing GKs and County vehicles, plant and equipment.
  • Assessment of transport charges for Government officers who are proceeding on transfer.
  • Valuation of vehicles, plant and equipment for the following purposes:-
    • Determine resale value for disposal.
    • Security in courts of law
    • Insurance
    • Loans for public servants desiring to purchase used vehicles.
  • Suitability/occupational testing of drivers and plant operators for employment & promotion in the public sector.
  • Inspection of improved second hand vehicles for conformity to Kenya Bureau of Standards KEBS 1515-2000 specifications for roadworthiness.
  • Inspection of Government vehicles and equipment for:-
    • Maintenance, repairs and disposal.
    • Post-inspection to check quality and conformity of repairs requirements.
  • Inspection of damages and losses caused by accident, abuse and misuse of equipment with view of establishing liability.
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents for purchase of vehicles, plant, tools, equipment and machinery and other related materials.
  • Pre-delivery inspections of vehicles, plant, tools, equipment and machinery to ensure adherence to clients’ technical specifications.