Directorate of Housing


The core functions of the directorate are:-

  • Management of the government Housing Units
  • Acquisition of titles for government Housing Units
  • County Housing Survey
  • Access to housing through various strategies and programmes
  • Audit for assets (housing) of the County government
  • Planning and development of housing infrastructure projects
  • Conducting research on housing and human settlement
  • Management of Appropriate Building Technology(ABT) centres
  • Housing development
  • Valuation and rental assessment for government houses
  • Preparation and implementation of maintenance work plans for Housing Units
  • Categorization and registration of government houses
  • Housing administration
  • Security of government houses including demarcation, and surveying of land with government houses
  • Fencing and preparation of Inventory of land with government houses
  • Preparation of rental indices and market trends in the real estate at country levels
  • Conducting surveys for housing demand in the context of the devolved government

Directorate Contacts

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.