H.E. James Ongwae' s speech during 51st Madaraka Day Celebration at Gusii Stadium



Fellow Kisii County residents,

I am pleased to join you today as we celebrate 51 years since our beloved country attained internal self-rule.
I wish to extend my warm greetings to all Kisii County residents and Kenyans at large. I also extend warm regards to members of this county who are in Diaspora.
I want to thank the general public, who have all left their houses, out of a sense of selflessness and patriotism, to be here to celebrate Kenya’s independence.
Today is the anniversary of an event that changed our country. It is the anniversary of freedom, the freedom for which our forefathers and foremothers fought.
We salute the gallant men and women who made huge sacrifices so that we could enjoy freedom and liberty today.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We particularly honour those who paid the ultimate price in the liberation of our country. In our community, OtenyoNyamaterere,Sakawa,OgworaBitega and Nyamacharara stand out as heroes of the liberation struggle.
The struggle started by our liberation heroes culminated in constitutional reforms that yielded the devolved system of governance that we enjoy today.
Article 6 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides that the territory of Kenya is divided into 47 counties, among them Kisii, and that National and County Governments are distinct and inter-dependent levels that should conduct their mutual relations on the basis of consultation and cooperation.
Article 9 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 cites Madaraka Day as one of the national days that is marked by both national and county governments. Kenya remains one indivisible nation and its unity is paramount to all of us.
As spelt out in Article 174 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010,devolution crucially gives powers of self-governance to the people at the county levels and enhances the participation of the people in the exercise of the powers of the state and in making decisions affecting them.

Ladies and gentlemen,
On this special day, I call on every resident to remain steadfast, because our county is indeed making progress. I bring to you today, a message of renewed hope and faith in the immense possibilities that lie ahead.
During my inaugural speech as Kisii County Governor, I shared with residents my vision of a peaceful society nurtured by virtues of diligence, integrity, respect and honour.
I pledged to serve the people of Kisii County with total dedication, upholding the principles of honesty, integrity and impartiality.
In my address today, I will give a brief on the achievements thus far, the challenges we have encountered, and our plans as we move forward.

Ladies and gentlemen, on County Governance,
As provided for underArticle 46 (1) of the County Governments Act, 2012, we have institutionalized the governance structure with focus on decentralized units to bring services close to mwananchi.
To this end, we have recruited administrative officers among them directors, Sub County and Ward administrators who underwent comprehensive induction training at Kenya School of Government and have now taken over their duties.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Recognizing the importance of civic participation in devolved governance, we have developed a Public Participation Bill, 2014.
To keep our people well informed about the services we offer, we have established a communication framework encompassing a website, social media, public participation forums, noticeboards and conventional media. We have also applied for a license to run a community radio station. I am told this will be approved soon.
In consultation with the County Assembly, we are also finalizing on a number of bills among them;
• The County Revenue Administration Bill, 2014,
• County Water and Storm water management bill, 2014,
• County Public amenities bill, 2014,
• The County Public Transport bill, 2014,
• The Disaster Management Bill, 2013,
• The village administration bill, 2014,
• The Public Private Partnership Bill, 2014 among many others

Ladies and gentlemen, on infrastructure development,
Early this year, we embarked on an ambitious road infrastructure development and maintenance program.
A total of 400 kilometres of road construction projects are on-going in the 45 wards. Some of these roads are complete while others are in the final stages.
I have also directed that each ward does at least one road using our equipment and thus by 1st July, we endeavour to do 700 kilometres of roads.

Ladies and gentlemen,
It is worth noting that 20 per cent of the roads project sum went to the youth who were awarded tenders while women received 10.4 per cent in line with the national policy on youth and women empowerment.
The second phase of our roads improvement programme will be ensuring that there is a tarmac road in each ward in response to the needs of the people as presented during public hearings during the preparation of the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP).
My government has acquired a number of road construction equipment and we shall purchase more in the next financial year. Going forward, we have set aside a further 360 million shillings for the construction of roads in the wards.
In the next financial year, we shall purchase a further 5 graders, two rollers and an excavator.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am happy to note that the national government and county governments recently reached an agreement on re-classification and transfer of management of roads to each other.
We expect that once the Transition Authority (TA) gazettes the re-classified roads, it will be easier to construct and maintain critical roads in the county. Roads in class D, E and unclassified roads will be constructed and maintained by County Governments now that resources will be available.
On air transport, we are carrying out feasibility studies on Suneka Airstrip with a view of expanding it in order to accommodate bigger aircraft. Indeed, in the next financial year, we have set aside resources in the budget to improve this crucial airstrip.
Already, the East African Commercial Aviation Association has written to me requesting to have one of its members given management rights to Suneka Airstrip.
The company indicated that a feasibility study on viable airstrips in the country identified Suneka Airstrip as one that met the minimum operational requirements. We are in talks to bring this airstrip to full utilisation status for the benefit of the local economy.

Ladies and gentlemen, turning to health services,
My government has placed high priority on the health sector. In the last one year, we have put in place structures for an upgrade of the county’s health sector, to promote in every respect, the individual citizen’s right to quality, affordable and accessible healthcare.
We have an operational ambulatory service under a Public, Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with the Kenya Red Cross. Since October last year, a total of 1,860 critical cases have been referred 144 of which are outside the county and 714 are pregnant mothers.
In the new financial year, we have set aside funds to purchase six (6) state of the art ambulances to replace the ones provided by Kenya Red Cross.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am happy to report that we have already trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) staff for this purpose, in collaboration with Kenya Red Cross and Kisii University.
To boost preventive and curative healthcare services, I recently assented into law the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital bill passed by the Kisii County Assembly. We have finalized protocols to upgrade Kisii Level Five Hospital into a teaching and referral facility.
To actualize this process, we have signed a memorandum of understanding with Kisii University and finalized protocols including the teaching curriculum.
Through the on-going modernization of the hospital, a renal dialysis unit has been installed and is working. Over Sh 100 million has been spent in the purchase of new equipment including a Computerized Tomography (CT) scan that has been procured awaiting delivery and installation this month.
Other on-going projects at the facility include construction of a 150 bed ward, a pharmaceutical depot and construction of a modern mortuary to hold 100 bodies, renovation of the kitchen, laundry and pharmacy store and construction of a new parking lot.
A total of 141 health facilities in the county will undergo a facelift at a cost of Sh two (2) million each and the procurement process for this work is on-going.

Ladies and gentlemen,
We have bought four Cyrotherapy machines for treatment of cervical cancer and distributed to Nduru, Iyabe, Kenyenya and Marani hospitals in South Mugirango, Bonchari, BomachogeBorabu and KitutuChache North Sub Counties.
Our women can now access cervical cancer screening and treatment at Kisii Level Five and at the Level Four hospitals I just mentioned.
These machines require a high level of training and competence and in this regard, the county government has trained four nurses to operate the machines.
To ensure adequacy of medical supplies in our health institutions, we recently distributed drugs worth Sh 54 million which are available in our facilities.
We project to spend anotherSh 358 million to buy drugs and upgrade services in Sub County hospitals. In the next financial year, we shall spend Sh 150 million to improve infrastructure in Sub County hospitals at Marani, Nduru, Kenyenya, Iyabe and Masimba.
We have also set aside Sh 25 million to digitalize the medical records system to make telemedicine possible.
As some of you will recall, I had pledged to come up with a social protection programme to improve healthcare. To this end, I have set aside in the budget Kshs 40 million to support the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) system in the county. A bill on the same has been prepared ready for necessary debate and approval by the County Assembly.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the area of trade and industry,
We are determined to transform Kisii County into a middle income economy so as to create jobs for our young people, ensure food security, and provide quality education and healthcare among other services.
My government realises that without a sound industrial-manufacturing base, Kisii County cannot effectively reverse the current high incidence of poverty that is hindering economic growth and development.
It is for this reason that we continuously seek investors to put up industries that can create employment and wealth.
I am delighted to report that already, we have licensed a Turkish investor to put up a KSh300 million avocado processing plant in Kisii Town. Processing starts this month and we are currently registering farmers to be contracted to deliver the produce. The venture will create more than 600 direct and indirect jobs for our people.

Ladies and gentlemen,
In yet another venture, we have identified a site in South Mugirango for the construction of a sugar factory. An advisory has since been submitted to the County Assembly for discussions and necessary approvals.
Regarding soapstone, we have identified an investor and negotiations are at an advanced stage to construct a high end factory in South Mugirango.
This factory will benefit our economy by creating jobs, availing market for our cane and improving road infrastructure in the sugar growing areas.
On tourism development, we have called for consultancies to identify tourist sites and products in Kisii County with a view of promoting our county as a viable tourist attraction.
We have also drafted the County Tourism bill which, once passed, will see the creation of a body to manage tourism in the county.
We target to open new markets, particularly those dealing in livestock, at Ramasha, Nyamache and Birongo. We are also exploring possibilities of increasing the number of market days in specific areas.

Ladies and gentlemen, in agriculture,
To achieve the desired economic growth of 10 per cent per annum as envisaged under the economic pillar of vision 2030, we must transform the sector from subsistence to a modern, innovative and commercially viable industry.
The focus will be on implementing agro-processing, improving agricultural inputs like seed, fertilizer and pesticides by reducing their prices through subsidies; improving agricultural marketing for our produce; improving agricultural extension services and improving governance in the area of cooperatives.
We have purchased and distributed 50,000 tissue culture banana suckers to farmers in the whole county with each ward getting about 5500 plants. This variety is early maturing and disease resistant.

Ladies and gentlemen, turning to the area of value addition,
I would like to see farmer groups and cooperatives venture into not only value addition but also branding, packaging and marketing of high quality products. Only then can we create jobs and boost earnings to farmers.
I recently commissioned a Sh 40 million tissue culture banana multiplication laboratory situated at Nyamataro area to be used to multiply the cooking variety of banana. Ultimately, my goal is a banana factory in Kisii County.
On the area of agricultural inputs, we appreciate that the prices remain high and are aware that the quality of seed available to farmers is not good. We are working on a bill to be tabled in the County Assembly with a view of subsidizing these critical inputs.
We have spent Sh 1.4m to procure soil sampling kits and each ward will get one kit. This will help determine soil conditions and enable appropriate fertilizer and manure application.
The feasibility study and project proposal for an integrated fruits and vegetable processing factory are ready. We are working with an international partner to mobilize resources for the factory.
This factory will cost about 300m and will be important in mopping up excess fruits and vegetables for processing thereby improving market reliability and earnings for farmers.

Ladies and gentlemen,
In the dairy improvement, local chicken commercialization, dairy goat and rabbit commercialization projects, we have identified and trained beneficiary groups and implementation is on-going.
To boost fish production as an enterprise, we have constructed 106 fish ponds across the county and farmers have received mono-sex Tilapia fingerlings.
To strengthen this value chain, we are planning to set up aqua shops in seven sub counties, construct fish multiplication and demonstration centres and a modern fresh fish market (complete with cold storage facilities) in Kitutu Central ward.

Ladies and gentlemen, on agricultural extension services,
This is a critical service in the sector. However, we face challenges regarding staffing and lack of equipment especially in the dairy industry. We are analysing the current setup with a view of revamping and restructuring it to accord with the Kenya Vision 2030.
To address this challenge, we are creating a value addition department with experts in marketing and food processing. This department will offer expertise and extension services to farmers. We have also partnered with the private sector to offer this service in specific value chains like bananas, legumes and avocado.
My government has also scaled up monitoring and compliance to set standards to rid the sector of fake inputs and conmen who are out to fleece farmers of their hard earned cash.
On governance in the agriculture sector, a task force I appointed to look into the affairs of the coffee industry has finalized its work and is almost producing a status report on coffee.

Ladies and gentlemen,
On Kisii Town management,
We all appreciate the critical role this town plays as a gateway to the region. Our objective is to transform it into an attractive commercial hub with modern facilities and amenities.
In January this year, we launched an Integrated Cleaning Service for Kisii Town and contracted youth groups to carry out clean-ups and you can bear me witness that the results have been impressive.
On the area of land in Kisii Town,
We have faced serious challenges in accessing land meant for public utilities because most of it has been irregularly acquired or put into other uses.
Last year, I formed a technical committee to carry out an analysis of the status of public land within Kisii Town and its environs. The committee completed the analysis of the status of land in the county and 77 plots found to have been irregularly acquired.
In summary, the committee found that;
a) All riparian land surrounding Kisii Town along river Nyakomisaro and River Nyachwa have been irregularly acquired
b) The land set aside for recreation by the 1971 approved physical development plan for Kisii town has since been irregularly acquired
c) The land set aside for a cemetery by the 1971 approved physical development plan has been irregularly acquired and put into different uses
d) The public works yard has been put into different use and part of it irregularly acquired
e) Open spaces that used to provide rest space within town have been put into other uses such irregularly constructed kiosks
f) Massive interference with road reserves
g) About two and half acres of land belonging to the Special school at Nyanchwawere irregularly acquired.
h) Space meant for a market in the Central Business District is partly grabbed among many others.
This report has been handed over to the National Lands Commission for further investigations, with recommendations from the County Government to revoke the certificate of leases issued in respect of the said plots.
We have also completed preparing and updating an inventory of Public land that were under management of former Gusii County Council and Gucha County Council.
Other measures include beaconing of public land and preparation of an integrated inventory of housing units in the county. We have a report of 46 Government houses that have been irregularly acquired and advised relevant agencies to take appropriate action.

Ladies and gentlemen,
To decongest Kisii Town, we have put in place measures among them training and re-organization of Bodaboda operators. The first batch of 100 operators has completed training at the Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology, Kisii training centre.
A further 120 trainees are currently going on. Further training will be done at ward level with the full involvement of bodaboda operators’ leadership.I have directed that helmets and reflective jackets be bought for operators who will graduate under this program.
I hope the operators will make use of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) for their safety and that of their passengers.
To further improve the working conditions of bodaboda operators, we have identified five (5) sites within Kisii Town for construction of shades that will serve as waiting and pick-up points. Indeed, this matter is in procurement at the moment.

Ladies and gentlemen,regarding solid waste management,
We are finalizing the process of buying land to be used for a dumpsite to manage solid waste generated in Kisii Town.
I call upon the community around the site not to oppose the process as all environmental concerns have been addressed. My government will buy refuse compactors to minimize effects on the environment.
Last week, we signed a deal with an Australian investor and Kisii University on electronic-waste management. This project will be useful for research and capacity building as well as supplement our efforts to handle hazardous waste.

Ladies and gentlemen,
To further improve Kisii Town, a tender for the construction and maintenance of the drainage system in Kisii Town has been awarded. On completion, the project will see all open drains and manholes covered.
The reorganization of Kisii Town has been going on despite several challengesrelating to lack of space and interferences from local political leaders. We have since relocated vegetable vendors, seedlings sellers to a common place and cleared the irregular parking at Mashauri.

Ladies and gentlemen, on street lighting and security,
My government is installing high mast street lights in Kisii town and at Sub County headquarters; Suneka, Nyamarambe, Masimba, Marani, Keumbu, Keroka, Nyamache and Ogembo.
Foundations for these street lights have been prepared in readiness to install the high masts and the towns will be lit by the end of this month.
We have an agreement with an investor will put up 200 solar powered streetlights in Kisii Town’s CBD. This will go a long way in boosting security in the urban areas as well as attract investors to our region.
On the area of disaster preparedness,
We plan to build an Emergency and Disaster Response Station at a cost of Sh 30 million. This will house a fire station. The large capacity fire engine that was taken to a dealer for repair is ready for delivery this month and an additional engine will be purchased in the next financial year.
Construction of three car wash stations in Kisii Town has been completed as part of Youth Empowerment program. The car wash stations are due for commissioning once the Environmental Impact Assessment is completed.
Turning to DarajaMbili market, the largest open air market in the western region,
We have entered into a Public, Private Partnership arrangement with, Chase Bank andJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to modernize this market at a cost of Sh 400 million.
The planned modernization encompasses construction of a flyover, parking space, stalls,retail and wholesale components, repair of drains and installation of value addition facilities.
We believe this venture will not only improve the business environment within the market but also boost revenue collection.
I appeal to all leaders and residents to support the reorganization of Kisii Town.
Construction of public washrooms is currently underway in Kisii, Suneka, Nyakoe, Marani, Nyamarambe, Kenyenya, Ogembo, Nyamache, Masimba and Keumbu towns.
We have set aside over Sh 7 million for the completion of Nyamarambe, Tabaka and Suneka Town Halls and work is ongoing. We have set aside funds in the budget to construct more town halls at Kenyenya, Marani and Mosocho.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the management of Keroka Town,
You have read and heard about this issue in the media. However, after broad consultations, I am delighted to announce that leaders in Kisii and Nyamira Counties have agreed on how this town will be managed.
The resolution was reached at a meeting chaired by our senator Hon. Chris Obure on May 21st, 2014 in Nairobi and attended by leaders from Kisii and Nyamira Counties among them myself and my counterpart, H.E. John Nyagarama.
Consequently, a joint management committee to administer the town is due to be formed to enhance delivery of services to the residents of the town.

Ladies and gentlemen, on the education sector,
We continue to break new ground as we strive to implement the plans set out in my manifesto.
To strengthen Early Childhood Education, we are refurbishing and upgrading infrastructure in these centres. A total of 90 ECDE centres across the county are under construction.
To enhance the capacity of the sector, we have recruited more than 800 ECD teachers and posted them with each centre receiving one teacher. These teachers completed first aid training program organized by the Kenya Red Cross, the first of its kind in the country.
In order to boost transition rates, we have established the County Bursary Fund. Each ward bursary committee has been allocated Sh 1 million to disburse to bright and needy students in our community and the allocation will double in the next financial year.
We plan a major Education Stakeholders’ conference next month to discuss issues affecting the sector with a view of coming up with a way forward.
The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Enhancing quality education for development consistent with Kenya Vision 2030’.
We expect this conference to come up with interventions, specific actions and programs designed to produce measurable improvements in the quality of education deliverables in the County and creation of employment opportunities for our youth.
Already, we have invited professionals and experts to submit papers and the prime objectives are;
• To develop strategies of implementing educational resolutions of the 1st county education stakeholder’s conference
• To constitute county subject panels for improved curriculum delivery
• To develop leadership and management skills for teachers, school heads, quality assurance and standards officers and management boards.
• To mobilize resources for improved quality education in the county
In the area of vocational training, we have identified land in seven sub counties for the construction of Technical Training Institutes. The other two sub counties already have the facilities.
Further, we are working on appropriate legislative and policy framework to facilitate reforms and improve performance in this sector. To this end, we have formulated the ECDE Management Bill, 2014, the Youth Polytechnics Management Bill, 2014 and the Disaster Fund Bill, 2014.

Ladies and gentlemen, energy is very critical in the development of a society. In Kisii County, connectivity to households stands at 7 per cent which is far below the desired level of connectivity.
We are working towards improving connectivity
In the area of water supply,
My government appreciates the importance of water as a basic need and is committed to improving on water reticulation services in the county.
To promote access to safe drinking water, we have protected at least five water points per ward. We are partnering with an investor to build boreholes in each ward with focus on schools in hilly areas to enable residents benefit from the projects through gravity water supply.
We recently launched a rainwater harvesting initiative targeting public institutions in all wards. At least one public institution in each of the 45 wards was identified and presented with 10,000 litre water tanks.
We have also initiated programs to rehabilitate rivers which are highly polluted among them Nyakomisaro River which traverses Kisii Town.

Ladies and gentlemen,
As for the watersupply system for Kisii Town,
We face challenges because due to an ageing supply system that was installed back in 1932. The reticulation system from Kegati and Nyakomisaro intakes is dilapidated thus the quantity and quality of water available to residents is affected due to underground leaks.
While we have expanded the network to Botori and Nyabururu areas, the supply system remains the same forcing Gusii Water and Supply Company to resort to rationing. Improving this system requires massive investment.
I am delighted to report that the German Bank (KFW) will invest Kshs. 2.2 billion to rehabilitate and expand the water supply system in Kisii and Nyamira Counties.
The rehabilitation work to be done under Lake Victoria South Water Services Board that starts in the next two months and will include modernization of the existing intakes at Kegati and Nyakomisaro and relaying the pipeline to reduce wastage.
The existing design capacity is 6,000 cubic metres but only 4500 cubic metres of water is produced due to power outages and other problems yet the demand for Kisii Town alone is 20,000 cubic metres. Once the rehabilitation is complete, the capacity will be raised to 33,000 cubic metres.
GWASCO is owed Ksh 59 million in revenue arrears some have had supply disconnected forcing them to rely on water vendors. Let’s honour our obligations in water bills to enable the company supply the commodity.

Ladies and gentlemen, on revenue collection,
Article 207 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 provides that the capacity of counties is dependent on their ability to collect revenue.
We need to be efficient in resource mobilization for our county to be effective and offer critical services to our people.
To this end, and as part of our revenue enhancement plan, my Government has partnered with Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in a pilot project on automated revenue collection in Kisii Town.
This system launched last month to collect parking fees in Kisii Town has borne fruits. I am happy to report that we are able to collect up to Sh 187,000 daily from the main bus park, up from Sh 100,000 in the manual system.
The benefits of this system are enormous with over 150 youth trained and hired to operate this automated system. The injection of new staff in revenue collection has significantly improved returns and we hope to roll it down to the sub counties if it is successful.
During the first two weeks, we were able to collect Sh 800,000 from bodaboda operators as parking fees. Street parking fee collection has risen from an average of Sh 19,000 to Sh 64,000 daily.
Let me now focus on culture, sports, youth and social services
It is worth noting that some of the functions in this sector are still with the national government meaning we cannot initiate any activities as funds for those activities are with the national government.
We are supporting the council of elders and in this regard, we have built an office for them situated opposite Kisii School. We have also set aside a budget for them and hired two staff to work for them.
In the area of alternative medicine, we have started a school of herbal medicine at the Kisii cultural centre to train traditional herbalistson best practices in their trade.
Construction of Youth Empowerment Centres has already started at Kenyenya and Keumbu.
To boost literacy among our people, we are building community libraries at Kenyenya and Ogembo towns. The library at Kenyenya will be named after the late MP Hon. Zephaniah Anyieni. Schools in these areas can benefit from these libraries once complete.
A team of local sculptors led by world renowned master artist ElkanaOng’esa were selected to carve a giant stone sculpture that will be the centre piece at Kenya’s exhibition during this year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC.
Up to eight artists will join Ong’esa in America for the festival and I urge them to be good cultural ambassadors for this county.
The Smithsonian Festival provides us with an opportunity to showcase our potential as a county to be a tourist and investment destination. We are honoured to contribute in the country’s development in this respect.
In the area of gender and social services,
We have completed data collection and needs analysis for Persons with Disability. A total of 5,015, representing about 80 per cent of Persons with Disability were involved in the exercise and an assessment of possible beneficiaries of assistive devices is complete.
In the next financial year, we have set aside Sh 22 million to cater for vulnerable groups among them Persons with Disability, widows and orphans.
We are working on a social protection programme where the County Government will pay NHIF subscriptions for the poor in the wards and towards this end; we have set aside Sh 50 million for this venture.
In the area of sports,
To identify and nurture talent, we have initiated a number of activities among them the Governor’s Football tournament which is set to come to its conclusion this month.
My government has supported a number of road races, cross country championships, athletics and football tournaments.
On the Gusii Stadium, we have an elaborate plan to give it a facelift to elevate it to international standards. We plan to fence it, build two new stands, a separate warm-up field, and washrooms and renovate the playing surface.
The procurement process is ongoing and a contractor has been identified to start work next week.
Finally, on security,
We all understand that security is a critical factor in enhancing the socio-economic growth of any county or country. The country has in the recent past experienced an upsurge of incidents of terror attacks and general crime.
Recognizing the security threats the country faces and the attendant challenges in the security sector such as unemployment, radicalization of the youth and terrorism, the national and county governments are working on a system of handling this.
Recently, we agreed that there be a collaborative framework that allows participation of both levels of government in the management of peace and security in the county.
We shall soon operationalize the County Policing Authority and County Security Committees to strengthen security structures.

Ladies and gentlemen,
As I conclude, I call upon all of us to rededicate our energies to the development of our beloved county.
Improving the socio-economic status of our people is a daunting task. It requires concerted efforts and partnerships with the private sector and all of us.
Let’s learn to appreciate the fact that though politics is a crucial aspect of our county discourse, emphasis must be placed on the economic empowerment of our people.
It is important that we embrace the spirit of unity, hard work, selflessness and patriotism to achieve our dream.

Thank you and God bless Kisii County, God bless Kenya!