• Fees & Payment


  • County Bursaries

    •   How can I apply for the County Bursary?
    • Get an application form from either your ward office or click here to download a soft copy and print. Fill and deliver the duly filled form to your ward office. Respective Ward Bursary Allocation committees will then vet the submitted forms for eligibility of award and allocation

    •   How can I know the outcome of my bursary application?
    • Names of successful applicants, their institutions of learning and amount awarded is displayed at Ward offices, Sub-County offices and on

    •   What is the eligibility criteria for bursary allocation to applicants?
    • To qualify for bursary award, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

      • Be a total orphan, partial orphan or a very needy bright student
      • Show proof of good academic performance
      • Hail from the respective Ward of application
    •   Do I need to pay any fee to apply for the County Bursary?
    • No. The service is free of charge

  • ECDE and Vocational Training Centres

    •   How can I register an ECDE/Vocational Training Center institution?
    • Pick a registration form from the County Headquater's education office, fill and return the completed form to kick start the registration process.

    •   How much is the registration fee for an ECDE/Vocational Training Center?
    • The amount of registration fee paid is as per the amount shown on the registration form of a particular category of institution to be registered, payable to a specified bank account

    •   What categories of institutions can I register?
    • The categories of institutions include:

      • Public ECDE centres
      • Private ECDE centres
      • Public Youth polytechnics
      • Private Youth polytechnics
      • Homecraft centres
    •   How can I apply for employment as an ECDE teacher/Vocational Training instructor?
    • When vacancies are available, the County Public Service Board invites eligible candidates to apply through notices on the website, County notice boards, Social media platforms and the print media.

    •   What are the minimum requirements for employment as an ECDE teacher/Vocation Training Center instructor?
    • To be employed as an ECDE caregiver (teacher), the minimum requiremnt is a certificate in ECDE while to be employed as an instructor in a Youth Polytechnic, the ,minimum requirement is a diploma in a relevant field or course of study