Prioritize service delivery to residents, governor Ongwae challenges staff

Kisii Governor James Ongwae has challenged County Public Servants to dedicate their energies on service delivery to residents.

Speaking during a ceremony where Chief Officers signed performance contracts with their respective County Executive Committee (CEC) members, Governor Ongwae warned that non-performing staff would be weeded out of the payroll.

He said it was important to instil a culture of results delivery among county workers as it was the main obligation as employees and asked Chief Officers to play their rightful role as authorized and accounting officers.

“It cannot be business as usual. We didn’t come here to earn salaries but to deliver services to the people. Some officers stay away from work while others don’t do their job. There will be rewards and sanctions for those who fail to deliver on agreed targets,” warned Ongwae.

A delivery unit in the Governor’s office will monitor and track implementation of the performance contracts. At the end of the financial year, departments will be ranked and best performers rewarded while failures will face sanctions.

The Governor said signing performance contracts was part of the process of institutionalizing governance and warned that renewal of contracts for Chief Officers and CECs would be pegged on performance.

“From January next year, all officers in Job Group ‘J’ and above will be placed on Performance Appraisal System. Promotion or re-designation will be pegged on appraisal reports. No more mass promotions,” said Governor Ongwae.

Ongwae said the report on staff headcount would be released in the next two weeks adding that it will form the basis for cleansing the payroll.

Assembly Speaker David Kombo, County Commissioner Godfrey Kigochi and several MCAs graced the occasion.

Governor Ongwae challenged MCAs to support the County Government’s rethink of its development strategy where focus will be on fewer projects for greater impact.

“Instead of spreading thinly the little resources available, lets identify three or four projects in the wards that have impact on our people. It makes no sense to allocate KShs.2million for a project in the ward and I ask MCAs to support us,” he added.

He said the CIDP would be finalized to incorporate the new priorities which are; water services, infrastructure, agriculture, urban development and healthcare.